Date: Friday, June 03, 2022 8:30 am - 3:30 pm
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2022 Tri-Chapter Meeting Tentative Agenda

Friday, June 3, 2022

8:00                 Check-in – John Gervasoni and Homer Maiel

8:25                 WelcomeRob Allen, Marc Garcia, and Geoff Simmons, Chapter Presidents

8:30                 BSC Report Mia Marvelli, Executive Director 

9:00                SFM Report Greg Andersen, Chief of Code Development and Analysis

9:25                HCD Report Kyle Krause, Assistant Deputy Director, Codes & Standards

9:50                 BREAK  

10:05               DSA Report Eric Driever, Principal Architect

10:20               HCAI (formerly OSHPD) Report – Richard Tannahill, Acting Deputy Division Chief

10:35               TUCC Resources for Code Adoption – Bret Wickham, TUCC Chair and Fred Cullum, TUCC Secretary

11:00               ICC Report – Stuart Tom, Secretary/Treasurer and Susan Dowty, Government Relations

11:30               LUNCH

12:15               IAPMO Report David Gans, IAPMO President 

12:45               NFPA ReportRay Bizal, Regional Director  

1:15                 ICC Region I ReportSam Palmer, President

                        CBOAC Report – Martin Heaney, Secretary

                        CALBO and Legislative Report – David Gonzaleves, CALBO President 

2:00                 BREAK

2:15                 SEAC Report – John Taecker, Vice Chair

                        IAEI NorCal Chapter Report John Taecker, Past President 

                        NorCal FPO Report Ian Hardage, President   

                        IAPMO Central California Chapter Report – Kyle Shea, President 

3:15                Tri-Chapter Education Committee ReportJohn Taecker, Education Chair 

                       Tri-Chapter Code Development Committee ReportHomer Maiel, Code Development Chair

3:30                Raffles and Adjournment

                       Reception following the event - hosted by John and Karen LaTorra

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