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Posting of job opportunities on the East Bay ICC web site is free to cities and counties and member organizations.

Please send your announcement to webmaster in PDF file format so the webmaster can incorporate the posting into the web site. Please include a job-posting expiration date that the webmaster can use as the basis for removing the posting in the future.

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Note: To keep the job board correct, all job postings will be removed after 6 months. You will need to resubmit the job listing if you want to continue your job posting beyond the initial 6 months.

Thank you

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(Note: 1. The size of submitted files shall be limited to 1.95 MB for each announcement. 2. All job announcements will be removed after 6 months)

pdf2021_11_17_City_of_West_Sacramento_Chief_Building_Official.pdf131.27 KB
pdf2021_11_03_City_of_West_Sacramento_Permit_Services_Manager.pdf181 KB
pdf2021_10_22_County_of_Santa_Cruz_Building_Inspector_I.pdf167.6 KB
pdf2021_UF_City_of_Arcata_CBO_brochure.pdf1.73 MB
pdf2021_09_10_City_of_Dublin_Plans_Examiner_I-II.pdf246.48 KB
pdf2021_09_09_County_of_Santa_Clara_Principal_Development_Services_Engineer.pdf131.24 KB
pdf2021_UF_County_of_Napa_Plans_Examiner.pdf155.88 KB
pdf2021_08_23_City_of_Berkeley_Permit_Center_Coordinator.pdf192.54 KB
pdf2021_08_13_City_of_Pleasant_Hill_Permit_Technician_Job_Announcement.pdf701.47 KB
pdf2021_08_02_City_of_Berkeley_Building_Inspector_II.pdf134.94 KB
pdf2021_08_02_City_of_Berkeley_Building_Inspector_I.pdf135.64 KB
pdf2021_07_19_SR_Building_Inspector-Job_Bulletin.pdf179.87 KB
pdf2021_07_12_Building_Inspector_II_Certified-Job_Bulletin.pdf159.99 KB
pdf2021_07_12_Building_Inspector_I_Certified-Job_Bulletin.pdf163.26 KB
pdf2021_UF_City_of_Stockton_Deputy_Building_Official.pdf117.68 KB
pdf2021_06_25_City_of_Stockton_Plan_Checker_I.pdf179 KB
pdf2021_05_10_County_of_Napa_Plans_Examiner.pdf154.5 KB
pdf2021_04_31_City_of_Livermore_Inspection_Neighborhood_Preservation_Manager.pdf1.34 MB



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