TUCC Mission

The ICC Tri-Chapter Uniform Code Committee is committed to enhance regional consistency in the application and enforcement of the codes by developing guidelines for code interpretation.


TUCC Meetings

Normal Meeting Schedule: Third Thursday of each month, unless otherwise indicated
Time: 1:00 pm to 2:30pm
Place: Hosted online (for details contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or view TUCC Meeting Calendar)

Agenda (Last 12 Months)

Minutes (Last 12 Months)

pdf2023_01_19_TUCC_Minutes.pdf81.81 KB
pdf2022_04_21_TUCC_Minutes.pdf259.18 KB
pdf2022_02_17_TUCC_Minutes.pdf178.9 KB


TUCC Interpretations and Recomendations

Policy Index

pdfPolicy_Index.pdf149.29 KB

Updated Policies for 2022

pdfTUCC Amendment Structural 1 2022 CBC
pdfTUCC Amendment Structural 2 2022 CBC
pdfTUCC Amendment Structural 3 2022 CBC

Updated Policies for 2016 CBC

pdfTUCC_Policy_1_Party_Walls.pdf252.54 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_10_Maintaing_Existing_Corridor.pdf188.16 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_11-1_-_Resi_Roof_Mounted_PV_Systems.pdf298.91 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_12_-_Shear_Wall_Continuous_Tie-Down.pdf38.46 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_13_Soils_Rept_Exempt.pdf191.16 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_16_-_Underfloor_Clearance_and_Ventilation.pdf38.4 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_17_EV_SFR.pdf221.32 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_19_-_Plumbing_Fixture_Replacement_Cert_Form.pdf420.6 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_21-1_-_Multifamily_Podium_-_Bathtub_Reinforcement.pdf316.67 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_21-2_-_Multifamily_Podium_-_Garage_Exhaust.pdf415.19 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_21-3_-_Multifamily_Type_III_FRT_Ext_Wall.pdf349.54 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_21-4_Parking_Garage_Natural_Ventilation_at_Court_or_Yard.pdf37.94 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_21-5_-_Multifamily_Balcony_Vents.pdf318.01 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_21-6_-_Multifamily_Structures Dryer Exh.pdf182.42 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_21-7_columns_protection_light_frame.pdf164.21 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_22_-_Permitting_Requirements_for_Nonresidential_Lighting_Alterations.pdf181.3 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_23_-_Standards_for_Construction_Site_Fire_Safety.pdf248.64 KB
pdfTUCC_Policy_24_-_Listing_Labeling_Electrical_Equipment.pdf179.67 KB
pdfTUCC_Amendment_Structural_1_2016_CBC.pdf98.87 KB
pdfTUCC_Amendment_Structural_2_2016_CBC.pdf106.59 KB
pdfTUCC_Amendment_Structural_4_2016_CRC.pdf100.1 KB

2013 CBC Policies

pdfTUCC_Policy_21-7_columns_protection_light_frame.pdf164.91 KB

pdfTUCC_Policy_21-6_-_Multifamily_Structures.pdf182.49 KB - Domestic Dryer Exhaust Duct Length

pdfTUCC Policy 21-5 - Multifamily Balcony Vents.pdf311.72 KB

pdfTUCC Policy 21-4 Parking Garage Natural Ventilation at Court or Yard.pdf39.19 KB

pdfTUCC Policy 21-3 - Multifamily Type III FRT Ext Wall.pdf310.23 KB

        pdfTUCC Policy 21-3 - Multifamily Type III FRT Detail.pdf124.59 KB

pdf2015 05 TUCC Code Change Committee Proposals.pdf287.78 KB
pdfTUCC Policy 21-2 - Multifamily Podium - Garage Exhaust.pdf101.05 KB
pdfTUCC Policy 21-1 - Multifamily Podium - Bathtub Reinforcement.pdf80.35 KB


pdf2014 04 10 Revised TUCC Policy 01 - Party Walls.pdf77.07 KB
pdf2014 05 08 Revised TUCC Policy 07 - Common Path of Egress Travel.pdf129.88 KB
pdf2014 04 10 Revised TUCC Policy 10 - Corridors in Existing Buildings.pdf114.04 KB
pdf2014 05 08 Revised TUCC Policy 11 - SFR PV.pdf307.96 KB
pdf2014 03 13 Revised TUCC Policy 12 - Shear Wall Continuous Tie-Down.pdf35.2 KB
pdf2014 04 10 TUCC Policy 13 - Exemption of Soils Investigation.pdf37.88 KB
pdf2014 04 10 Revised TUCC Policy 15 - Suspended Ceiling.pdf73.95 KB
pdf2014 05 08 Revised TUCC Policy 16 - Underfloor Clearance and Ventilation.pdf82.36 KB
pdf2014 03 13 Revised TUCC Policy 17 - EV SFR.pdf155.71 KB
pdf2014 03 13 Revised TUCC Policy 18 - EV Commercial Guidelines.pdf165.88 KB
pdf2014 04 11 TUCC Policy 20 - Adhesive Anchors.pdf230.39 KB


pdf2013 1 TUCC Amendment Structural CBC.pdf74.5 KB
pdf2013 2 TUCC Amendment Structural CBC.pdf82.6 KB
pdf2013 3 TUCC Amendment Structural CRC.pdf36.48 KB
pdf2013 4 TUCC Amendment Structural CBC.pdf77.66 KB

Older Policies

docTUCC Policy 19 - Plumbing Fixture Replacement Cert Form Civil Code.doc331.5 KB
docTUCC policy 14 - Revised 4-14-11 - Simplified Wind Load Provisions177 KB